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Ferrari Colognes: The 4 Best Fragrances to Test-Drive

It’s probably safe to say that when Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, Italy, in 1898, few would have predicted that his name would someday be associated with wealth, luxury, and craftsmanship. But more than a century on, the Ferrari brand continues to impassion and inspire – and not just among high-end car enthusiasts.

For much of its history, Ferrari was indeed exclusively involved in luxury vehicles. Under Enzo Ferrari’s leadership, the company – then called Scuderia Ferrari – spent several decades in the early 20th century developing high-performance cars, strictly for racing. Then, in 1947, Ferrari began building street-legal road cars for the general public. It was then that the famous ‘prancing horse’ icon galloped into our collective imagination – a newly minted symbol of prestige and opulence.

Now suppose you want to live the Ferrari lifestyle – but aren’t quite ready to shell out half-million dollars for a turbocharged concept car. Good news! You actually have plenty of options. For decades, Ferrari has been steadily building itself into an accessible consumer brand, with offerings like eyewear, laptops, clothing, bicycles, and even top-notch writing instruments. But no arm of the Ferrari brand has been so successful in this regard as the company’s fragrance lines.

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In 1999, the company debuted its first cologne, Ferrari Black. An eastern blend of spicy and sweet notes, the scent made quite a splash – both in the fragrance world and among Ferrari devotees. Since then, Ferrari has gone on to release dozen of other colognes and perfumes. The company’s approach to fragrance is similar to its philosophy around automobiles: Rather than aiming for mass-production, Ferrari creates exclusive, limited-edition fragrances that dazzle with their high quality and luxe aura.

4 Best Ferrari Colognes to Test-Drive

Ready to test-drive a Ferrari fragrance? If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are four of the company’s must-try colognes.

  • Ferrari Black Cologne
ferrari black cologne box and bottle

You can’t go wrong with the original. Ferrari Black opens with bright notes of plum, lime, and red apple – and an unmistakable whiff of bergamot, the iconic fruit of Ferrari’s native Italy. But underpinning these clarion top notes are a musky, woody base of cedar and vanilla.

The smooth balance of citrus and wood is a slow-burning confidence boost – the kind of scent that steadies your nerves and fuels your passion. Whether you’re buckling into a high-end race car or gearing up for a high-stakes business meeting, this scent is an ideal choice.

  • Ferrari Scuderia Black Cologne

The name of this fresh and daring fragrance harkens back to the first Ferrari company – Ferrari Scuderia (Italian for ‘stable’). The company, which developed elite vehicles strictly for races, was known for taking risks and pushing limits with style and finesse. In all of these qualities, this fragrance is a perfect match.

Ferrari Scuderia Eau de Toilette, like Ferrari Black, delivers citrusy top notes of lime, plum, bergamot, and red apple. But its heart is marked by the familiar warmth of cardamom and cinnamon, with floral undertones of jasmine and rose. The base of Ferrari Scuderia is musky and woody, like its predecessor, and tinged with amber.

  • Ferrari Uomo Cologne

No less daring than its brother scents, but perhaps more stealthy, Ferrari Uomo is a cologne of elegant, sophisticated masculinity. This is the scent of a laureate – a confident strength with nothing to prove.

Leading with captivating top notes of Sicilian lemon and juniper, and bergamot, Uomo quickly follows with a heart of rich leather and nutmeg. The base is an intoxicating blend of tonka bean, labdanum, and patchouli. Of all the Ferrari colognes you try, Uomo may be the most likely to become your ‘everyday’ scent.

  • Ferrari Extreme Cologne

True to its name, Ferrari Extreme Cologne is an authentic head-turner, with a fresh, spicy profile and a strong sillage. This is an unapologetically masculine scent that smolders with intrigue and verve.

Ferrari Extreme leads with top notes of bergamot and cardamom. Following closely is the scent’s woody, floral heart – cedar, nutmeg, and geranium. The base notes of oakmoss and musk lend this cologne a dashing allure that you’ll be remembered for. Ferrari Extreme cologne isn’t a fragrance for any old date. This is cologne you wear on a date with destiny.

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