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Rihanna Nude Perfume: Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Wear It?

For the better part of a decade, Rihanna has released one smash-hit fragrance after another. It began in 2011, with Reb’l Fleur, which raked in $80M in its first year alone. Today, her collection includes RiRi, Rogue, Kiss, Rebelle – and the brand new Reb’l Fleur Love Always, which hit the market just a few months ago. But one fragrance in Rihanna’s collection stands out from the crowd: Rihanna Nude.

Sure, “Rihanna Nude” is a downright titillating name – you’d probably stop and do a double-take, even if your house was on fire. And yes, everything the ridiculously talented singer / businesswoman / diplomat / actress / dancer touches turns to gold. But that’s not the whole story. There really is something about this scent. As Rihanna said upon first smelling it, “I cannot get enough of this.”

image of Rihanna Nude Perfume: Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Wear It?

Nude is a warm, sweet fragrance, with fruity and flowery notes – but it’s light and fresh enough to avoid ever being cloying. It features a ‘second skin’ musk, against a woody, vanilla background. To craft it, Rihanna worked closely with legendary perfumier Harry Frémont of Firmenich. There’s no denying that it’s a powerful, beautiful, and compelling scent – but should you wear it? Here’s our definitive list of who should and shouldn’t give Rihanna Nude a try.

DO try Rihanna Nude if…

You’re ready for a scintillating fruit fragrance. The top of this scent is marked by guava nectar, mandarin, and pear, while the heart carries a strong note of orange blossom. It’s a luscious combination that’s fruity and delectable.

And while the overall composition is perhaps too sophisticated to be called “tropical,” there’s an unmistakable hearkening back to Rihanna’s island roots. (She was born in Barbados, which you should really know by now.)

DO try Rihanna Nude if…

You’re seeking a very “femme” fragrance. In reviews, this point comes up again and again: Nude is distinctively feminine. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s overpowering or cloying. Much like Rihanna herself, Nude emanates a femininity that is subtle, powerful, and a bit mischievous.

This alluring quality is only strengthened by the perfume’s floral notes. Nude’s heart is composed of gardenia petals and velvet jasmine sambac. It’s the perfect counterbalance to the aforementioned fruity sweetness. (Think floral, not flowery.) Spritz it on and go find yourself a Rude Boy or Girl.

DON’T try Rihanna Nude if…

You need a discrete, practical bottle. Nude comes in a flask-shaped bottle, which was inspired by stiletto heels, according to the designers. It also features “a twisting matte ribbon layered over precious metal.” (And naturally, the perfume itself is clear, i.e., nude!)

Does all that make for a sexy, distinctive bottle? Absolutely. It’s also hilariously impractical, with a wide base rising up to a narrow point. If you’re looking for a ‘just throw it in your purse and go’ perfume, you should probably keep looking.

DO try Rihanna Nude if…

You want to try a “skin” scent. Unlike scents with a lot of “sillage” (i.e., that “project” out from you into the room), skin scents are intimate fragrances. They tend to be musky, and lie close to your body. They’re not the friend whose piercing voice can be heard across a crowded room. They’re the friend with the heavy, sultry voice you need to lean in to hear.

What makes Nude a skin scent? The fragrance has a woody, spicy base, made of sandalwood, vanilla orchid, and – yes – “second-skin musk.” It’s the kind of fragrance that mingles with and enhances with your natural scent.

DON’T try Rihanna Nude if…

You’re looking for a splash-on fragrance that dissipates quickly. There’s a huge range in how long different scents last on your skin. A heavy perfume might still be detectable 24 hours after you apply it. A light eau de cologne, on the other hand, could fade away in as little as 3 hours.

If you’re heading to a soirée or intimate gathering, a short-lasting fragrance can be perfect – it adds that magical, ephemeral touch, and evaporates like a morning dew. Nude is not that kind of perfume. It has serious staying power. Spray it on in the morning, and you’ll still be basking in it that night.

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