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Versace Dylan Blue: 3 Moments This Cologne Makes Infinitely Better

The Italian fashion house Versace is virtually synonymous with luxury and wealth. And its fragrance wing is just one expression of that opulence. With dozens of colognes and perfumes to its name, the company has been steadily building its repertoire of luxe, daring fragrances. Simply put, there’s a reason Versace has won such fanatical devotion from cologne dabblers and connoisseurs alike.

Versace Dylan Blue’s Notorious Origins

Released in 2016, Dylan Blue Pour Homme easily cleared the brand’s already-high bar. The fragrance was accompanied by a stunning visual campaign by Bruce Weber. (If you haven’t watched the beautiful black and white film yet, you should.) In lavish photographs of models and athletes, the campaign captures a sort of brawny masculinity that Versace is known for – but cast in a supple, sensuous, even tender light.

image of Versace Dylan Blue: 3 Moments This Cologne Makes Infinitely Better

Designer Donatella Versace said of the cologne: “I love how Dylan Blue captures such an evocative world of Versace masculinity. I have always believed men should be strong, passionate, proud, expressive, unafraid. I love that in today’s world, men feel able to reveal their true natures, to share their passions and their beliefs.”

What Makes Versace Dylan Blue Cologne tick?

If you’ve already smelled Dylan Blue Pour Homme cologne – or even just seen it – you know exactly what Donatella Versace means in the quote above. The clean lines of the beveled bottle, its luminous sapphire glass, and the golden cap with a Medusa seal are powerful, strong – and yet elegant, poignant. This is a cologne for the sophisticated man who’s not afraid to bare his heart.

Dylan Blue Pour Homme, you’ll also notice, is a fougère par excellence. Although the fougère family of fragrances (fougère meaning fern in French), is famously flexible and wide-ranging, it’s frequently described as floral, herbaceous, and green. As we’ll see, Dylan Blue has this fresh vibrancy in spades – and some of its own unique qualities.

3 Moments to Wear Versace Dylan Blue Cologne

Not sure whether Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme Cologne is right for you? We’ve got you covered. Here are three moments that a dab of Dylan Blue will take from good to great – or from great to stellar.

  • Try Versace Dylan Blue… when you’re at an MMA fight

To capture Dylan Blue’s sensual, expressive masculinity, the ad campaign behind this cologne profiled mixed martial artists like Alan Jouban, Nic Thompson, and Travis Conover. One whiff of this compelling fragrance and you’ll understand why.

versace dylan blue cologne box and bottle

Versace Dylan Blue opens with bright, citrusy notes of Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit, and fig leaf. It’s a dashing and fearless introduction. And like mixed martial arts itself, it carries a surprising depth and tenderness beneath its brawny exterior. When you’re watching the fight, and carried away by its depth and drama, Dylan Blue Pour Homme will only elevate the moment.

  • Try Versace Dylan Blue… when you’re at a blues bar

Quickly followed by its vivacious opening, you’ll be captivated by Versace Dylan Blue’s rich heart notes of violet leaf, patchouli, pungent black pepper, exotic papyrus, and ambroxan. It’s an intoxicating mix – deep, mysterious, but somehow familiar. It’s no coincidence that this cologne is named blue. The blues, that quintessentially American music, strike some of these very same chords: soulful, dark, slightly enigmatic.

Listening to real blues musicians play is an experience unlike any other. It’s vibrant, energetic, and it speaks to depths. And with Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme cologne scenting your evening, you’ll feel the moment – its joy and wonder – with all the more poignancy. This is a cologne resonant with soulful masculinity.

  • Try Versace Dylan Blue… when you’re at a baby shower

The citrusy opening and spiced heart notes of Versace Dylan Blue are underpinned and strengthened by an entrancing blend of incense, mineral musk, tonka bean, and aromatic saffron. It comforts and calms in its animal richness. And that soothing base is exactly why you should wear Dylan Blue Pour Homme to your next baby shower.

You see, the expressive strength of Dylan Blue is clearest in moments of gentleness. What better showcase for sensitive modern masculinity than a moment of tenderness with loved ones? So go ahead – hug the new parents, hold the baby (if they’ve already arrived), and maybe shed a tear or two. The moment is aromatic with Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme, and you can wear your feelings fearlessly.

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